“Food security exists when all people, at all times, have physical and economic access to sufficient, safe and nutritious food that meets their dietary needs and food preferences for an active and healthy life”. (World Food Summit, 1996).

The global food system is responsible for up to one-third of all human-caused greenhouse-gas emissions.

The rapid growth of cities in the developing world is placing enormous demands on urban food supply systems. (FAO).

The world is projected to hold a whopping 9.6 billion people by 2050, especially in urban areas.

Just the UK food miles or the distance that food is transported as it travels from producer to consumer is responsible for adding nearly 19 million tonnes of CO2 to the atmosphere each year.

Food Waste Target could save Scotland £500m (


Social wellbeing is a sense of involvement with other people and with our communities, is not just about being happy or content, but also about being actively engaged with life and with other people.

The food system must be made sustainable,  guaranteeing access and active involvement of all stakeholders along the supply chain, promoting a resource-efficient and low carbon food system.

Agriculture – including horticulture, livestock, fisheries, forestry, and fodder and milk production – is increasingly spreading to towns and cities. Urban agriculture provides fresh food, generates employment, recycles urban wastes, creates greenbelts, and strengthens cities’ resilience to climate change.

Urban agriculture is practised by 800 million people worldwide, it helps low-income urban residents save money on food purchases. FAO promotes policies that recognize urban food production as a legitimate land use and economic activity.


To all the city growers, local farmers, landowners, smallholders, urban and local agriculture companies and all the people who like to eat fresh, healthy and local food are invited to join to this mobile platform and together we will build a more sustainable food system, guaranteeing access and active involvement of all stakeholders, promoting a low carbon food system.

Small changes in our food system and consumption behaviors, can make huge positive impacts for our families and planet!!

"Urban agriculture provides fresh food, generates employment, recycles urban wastes, creates greenbelts, and strengthens cities’ resilience to climate change" (FAO).


We are a company developing a smart agriculture and environmental services and businesses to contribute to food security, sustainability and community well-being.

We were one of the winners of a place in the prestigious Edinburgh Centre For Carbon Innovation (ECCI), during 2016 we will work together to have soon our best product for you.

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